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Hawaii changed its branding and logo, because Hunan in China took it over. Now Amazing Thailand is no longer exclusive to the Thailand Tourism Authority.

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Hawaii changed its branding and logo, because Hunan in China took it over. Now Amazing Thailand is no longer exclusive to the Thailand Tourism Authority. Shanghai took the liberty to snatch the Amazing part and is now doing the Amazing Shanghai City Campaign in London.

Following the launch of Shanghai City’s global promotion campaign, “Shanghai. Let’s Meet!” at Expo Milano last year, The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality brings their global campaign to London in 2016, headlining with the “Home – Town” exhibition at the Alfred Dunhill Mayfair ‘Home’, Bourdon House. As a special event that celebrates the sisterhood of two iconic cities, Shanghai and London, an opening ceremony that features cultural arts, crafts and performances, was hosted during the afternoon of June 13th. The exhibition will run for a week from June 13th to June 18th and complement a series of initiatives meant to bring the two cities closer.

Delegates from both cities at the opening ceremony of the Shanghai City campaign in London

Shanghai City’s global promotion campaign was developed to amplify a new modern vision of Shanghai, boost its cultural influence and communicate its true emotional identity. The campaign slogan “Shanghai, Let’s Meet!”, was shaped from Shanghai’s rich heritage as a place of cultural convergence. After being promoted previously in Paris and Milan, the slogan is used this year to further promote exchanges and cooperation in the cultural and creative industries between Shanghai and London.

Chen Jingxi, Deputy Director of Shanghai Information Office, said “With the success of launching the Shanghai promotion at Expo Milano 2015 last year, we hope to make a stronger impact on our next destination of global collaborations. We are excited to be partnering this year with our counterparts in London for this intersection of cultural exchange. We have always had a strong bond with London and being able to move a step closer helps to strengthen our partnership even more.”

The 2016 “Amazing Shanghai” city campaign in London is composed by a series of robust events and collaborations. The headline event is the photography exhibition “Home – Town”, a photographic showcase of the two cities and their concrete substance in a cultural and spiritual context. Held at Alfred Dunhill’s Bourdon House, the artworks serve to transform Bourdon House into a Shanghai home within its sister city and provide visitors an immersive journey to Shanghai’s culture.

A professional roundtable discussion on “Twinned Cities and their Cultural Visions” was also hosted by the British Council and Shanghai with expert attendees from the government, academic, and cultural industry of both cities. Collaborative deliverables are expected as outcomes of this roundtable to further materialize the two cities’ cultural interactions.

In complement, a series of activities were scheduled across London, including a partnership luncheon at the Millennium Mayfair London. Joining as ambassadors of the campaign were Hu Ge, a famous Chinese actor, and Charlie Siem, one of UK’s brightest classical violinists. Hu Ge was also designated as “VisitBritain’s Goodwill Ambassador for China” during the opening ceremony of the campaign.

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